things i hate about hospitals


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*if it weren’t for friendly nurses, docters and staff -you’d almost think you’re in one very large cool room or mortuary and you’re the while slab of meat floating about ward to ward
*the crap food that even your dog/cat won’t eat either
*the thin, one -layered toilet paper they supply to keep on budget
*to go in a place where you don’t know if you’ll be able to live another day or die
*sharing your bathroom with 3 other people who don’t have great hygiene/cleaning habits
*cold, annoying nurses who likes to wake you up every 3 hours to check your blood pressure and pulse and who don’t need to give you some privacy by opening the curtains and exposing you to the sleazy arab man bedding in front of you when you’re already semi-naked with the gown as it is
*hospital blankets -they can’t make the weaves any more bigger to make you colder than you already are
*how small the beds are. you don’t know how many times i nearly fell off the bed whilst sleeping
*no free tv. why do hospitals charge you for watching something that’s already free outside from it?
*no safes to secure your valuables. things could easily go for walkabouts
*how annoying it is to not be able to control the intensity of your bed lights since most of the time there’s no difference between whether they’re on or not, or night from day
*loud, overcrowding visitors


~ by nursheikha on July 10, 2010.

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