renting problems

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yelp, its been over a month now and i still haven’t got my apartment back coz of the gas leak…

so got advice from the tenancy advice service ( as to how i can be compensated for being seriously inconvenienced coz i complained to my real estate manager last week how it was not fair that i was the only tenant to vacate so as to allow the strata plumber to fix the gas leaks from the apartments above me and i yet i had to still continue to pay the rent until now and i still don’t have a fully functional bathroom and no hot water…so the lady advised me i could write to have my rent albeited but i wasn’t able to move out and find another place without the permission of the owner or else it would mean i’m breaking the law as i’m on a fixed term lease agreement…

so right now trying to gather evidence…


~ by nursheikha on July 18, 2010.

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