taxi drivers

Day 31

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when i call one (taxi) in the morning to drive me to work coz its too cold/lazy to catch 5 million buses frm mirrabooka…i never know what i’ll be in for…

some can be so annoying to even say i should not opt for it so often to save money/coz its expensive and i’m like -was i even complaining!!!…-you wouldn’t be having a job if it weren’t for me! he was indonesian..

there are others who remember you from previous jobs and feels like you’re updating an old mate of what’s been happening…like the other day…think he’s serbian…was giving me tips to how to look after myself better after i told him i was admitted to hospital due to chest pains…the remaining 30 minutes of the journey to work was him advising me of the things i should avoid…

*meat (believed that our human digestive system was never designed to consume it.said if anything has a face -don’t eat it…realisticly -can’t live without my chicken)
*sugar (fastracks the kilos…something i need to work on)
*salt (too much of it starts breaking down our bodily functions…not crazy about it anyways)
*milk (not designed for our bodies -so i’m like -where else are we suppose to get calcium from???)
*alcohol (thank goodness against my faith so not a problem)

it was his 6 hour theory was what got me thinking

from moment you wake up until 12 noon -only eat what is easily digestable in 15 minutes eg. fruit

from 12pm-6pm…eat as much as you like…then from 6pm till you wake up -let your body rest…and drink water 1 hour before you eat and after but not in between…

i’m like thinking…with all these weird diets around…-thank goodness there is Ramadan to detox our bodies…coz even when i’m flicking all these malaysian magazines like wanita and jelita-the many slimming regimes ziana zain and erra fazira is on -do they even really work? is there a diet that can ever keep the weight off for good?

all this on one 40 minute drive to work…

another was when i was going home…had this middle-aged aussie guy…had just got off the phone from one of his mother’s carers…was telling me how his 80 year old mum had just come back from hospital after falling and overdosing on her meds (she has dementia)…he was concerned how his mother was gradually not remembering things, that he wished she was in a nursing home so that there would be someone to keep an eye on her 24/7 and we were going through the many things someone can keep their mind active even at an elderly age…

it got me thinking as well just how i would be when i’m old…will baasil be bothered to care for me just as this man is doing for his fiercely independent mother? the conversation really highlighted the fact that you really need to solidifygood strong family relations/good karma because when you’re sick/bed-ridden…-you really need your family…if i wasn’t at my parents when i had my mini-heart attack, i don’t know what i would have done or even managed…

and that just as people obsess so much over their bodily health, they should also take care of their mental health because i still would want to make my own decisions into what i want even when i’m at an old age, and not have someone dictate that for me…


~ by nursheikha on July 18, 2010.

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