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ramadan mubarak everyone…started fasting last wednesday bcoz astronomically it was the 1st ramadan and perth had a clear night anyways…its flu season so been difficult to fast at work since still havent stop coughing during calls due to excessive mucus in me and tried to go without taking my blood thinning pills but just felt totally out of it-just when i had taken taken blood tests a few weeks back but the weekend fast went ok-maybe bcoz i didnt have my usual 130 customers to talk to usually on a week do…have to say whenever i do get any time off and baz is with me-really feels like a holiday that im so yearning for but only within my own apartment,not in another country…

got feedback on last month’s performance and team leader was quite happy…coz she was on my backside when i just first started…also noticed she had softened up-maybe because of the complaints relayed by her the rest of the team that most are leaving…have advised her would like to get to risk management

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~ by nursheikha on August 16, 2010.

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