blood clot with period

this is the 2nd time ive bleed for more than a day this month…the first was when i woke up with a few blood clots in around my gums as well as having the side of the pillow smothered with it…but i think this is my real period coz its a lot darker and smellier…plus been a few months since i last had it…

dunno about everyone else but when i do get my periods, its quite heavy,painful and do come with a few strings of blood clots…yesterday afternoon as i was lounging about watching some egyptian soapie drama and looking after baz i gave one hell of a sneeze and then i could feel my pants being overflooded with something…as i went to the bathroom and tried to clean and change into cleaner undies and pants i found this huge blood clot the size of my hand that i had been dished out of me…was so shocked coz it looked like the blood clots similar to after i just gad given birth to baz and the same time when my body was cleaning itself out after the miscarriage…so far

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~ by nursheikha on September 6, 2010.

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