i feel so stupid to have put so much effort into trying to make this marriage work when all this time ayman never even wanted it in the first place or was willing to put any energies towards it for the sake of our son or even for thd fact that this was what had been written…

feel so angry, broken hearted, used, scammed, betrayed, battered in every sense especially within…the worse i could only wish for him is for him to be dead to stop the torture but i know thats not enough to compensate everything that i have been through…

im just so angry about how even to ask him to be there for baasil in terms of moral support is too much for him yet alone pay for all his luving expenses…yet he expects us to be in good terms, for me to forgive him for everything that he did yet when i tell him what i find difficult to get over he denies everything and says i deserved to not be loved, not be committed to because what i had done was’nt good enough for him

Ya Rabb, please help me!!!!

Posted by ShoZu


~ by nursheikha on September 14, 2010.

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