other ways to see the future

Cuba Gallery: Crystal ball with magic hands – A dark reflection in there!

Originally uploaded by Cuba Gallery – Now on Twitter!

was watching this story on dateline http://www.sbs.com.au/dateline/story/about/id/600742/n/Future-Fear about what some people are prepared to do in terms of surviving the future if during our lifetime we ever do get to experience the ending of the entire human existence/world via epidemic, nuclear war, comet, etc -only Allah knows how this world will truly end…as depressing as the story was, it actually cheered me up a bit/got my mind off ayman and made me realise that from here on -lets invest in how to creating my own and baasil’s more promising future even if its about to end, that lets try to make it count…

downloading this app -qamar deen http://www.qamardeen.com/Features.html has in a way motivated me to try and be more positive about myself as its not the dunia that we have to work on but the akhirah too and i feel like its one way i can try to be noble, grounded not resentful and sad about the many things that have not turned out my way that other people never seem to get because they’re so comfortable and happy with their own lives…


~ by nursheikha on September 17, 2010.

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