blues getaway…

"Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"

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im watching this quirky french film called “manhood”, coz there’s nothing else on and i just heard this after him cheating on gfriend and he’s inside the taxi about to go home…and it reminded me of ayman…the bit where it hit me was the first line “…-Lay your head where my heart used to be…”


i miss ayman or maybe i miss the company of having someone i can talk about anything under the sun aside from our relationship…i miss being held, being intimate with someone…where for a moment you just felt as one…sharing my moments, my every day trivial things…or am i to be this lonely for the rest of my life?

i do have girlfriends but most are the type that i can’t really confide in and totally get me…rather prefer i changed the topic because its making them feel uneasy and its so annoying!!!

but then i have to remind myself that ayman was hesitant and unwilling in this relationship from the beginning so then comes the surge of sadness, anger once more of being used, mistreated…

its like this every day for me…i miss ayman, then i hate ayman…etc…

so thats when i thought if i don’t do this now -go for a quick getaway, i will forever be stuck in perth/in a rut…

so as i await for my mum to come back on the 4th of october from singapore inshaallah, been preparing my trip to…..


just for a challenge…coz:

no. 1: never been to any other city in australia and yet i was born here

no. 2: never travelled solo before, so its a bit daunting so been trying to download as much apps, maps, read as much reviews on where to go, what to check out.

no. 3: will remind me that there is definitely a bigger world out there literally and plenty of things to experience…and being separated, mother of one shouldn’t really stop me from living out many other things this world has to offer

no. 4: finally fulfilling my travel urge…once i get through melbourne, next would be the world! but i’ll probably take baz and mum with me just for some company

no. 5: just to boost my confidence, optimistic…

could have gone for the package deals the flight centre normally offers but was hoping younger brother could get me a better deal coz he works for both the intercontinental and sheraton chains…he said he could get me the rialto intercontinental or the westin at a discount but whilst looking for other deals stumbled across where they were offering mystery hotel deals…and being the gambler i normally am i opted for it only to find out i’ll be staying at the radisson on flagstaff gardens (bummer!)…just sounded old school -so old school its hardly ever mentioned on any of the touristy guides…was hoping i was going to get like the rydges where its right in the centre but i’m just on the edge of the cbd…will see what kind of room they give me…

in terms of sightseeing already booked a city tour plus river cruise from viator that will at least give me an idea of whats around me and then it just be shopping, dining and chilling after…and i’ve been sitting on this idea for 4 years now after coming to know someone from there…

will keep you posted…


~ by nursheikha on September 25, 2010.

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  1. Come to London instead, I’ll boost your confidence!!! 🙂

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