shopping dilemma

hate how most plus-size clothing chains in australia assume just coz ur big, u must wear a tent! (autograph, crossroads, sara) . probably the only aussie label that are quite decently stylish is dream diva, plus they ship within 24 hrs express post so u get ur stuff the next day. just started meddling with overseas options like baby phat, saks…wish more designers would consider us girls…we do have the dream/need to look drop dead gorgeous as well!

have wide feet-why do most manufactures produce wide shoes only for men. u can guess how butch my joggers are!

have dry sensitive skin so takes me hours to decide which cleaning even makeup base i should purchase. also have annoying open pores that never seem to go away. primers do jack all!

frustrating how top half of me is a size 20-22, bottom 24 so have to try 5 million more things than most people just to get right fit

hijabs! freaking expensive in david jones&myers just for half a metre of what u would wrap around a wedding dres

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~ by nursheikha on October 3, 2010.

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