room service at 3am. cant sleep

1st day in melbourne

was on the way to hotel just before 1am est.had no idea was daylight savings -meaning there goes my sleep!

jetstar was what u would expect with budget airlines.miniature seats,uni-like vending machine food,passengers randomly shoving u as they make their way to either side of the toilet.staff was ordinarily professional.could do better but wouldnt want another air host hissy fit.

i get into the taxi and this sikh guy asks which way to go to radisson on flagstaff.for a moment wished had memorised the way from airport to hotel.30 minutes and $65 later got there as we got off the westgate freeway.

when i saw the wheel,eureka tower and then the docklands felt relieved.

was so amazed how literally dead melbourne was at 1:15am in the morning.thought it would still have some life like bigger cities…

reception could be a bit more warmer-turds!the secret room i got was on the 2nd floor overlooking a construction lovely!as much as i love the bed,cant zZz!

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~ by nursheikha on October 6, 2010.

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