pros & cons at the radisson on flagstaff melbourne, 1st half of day one

-would’ve had this view had i had an odd room number!!!!
-wont do drinks from 11pm till 6am as part of room service even when u could’nt be buggered…grrrrr
-reception really dont go out of their way to make u feel more welcome like ask mention extra things like nearest places to munch, if we had anything planned…
-small room
-where on earth is the parking?

-better coffee sachets (compared to the one at perth hyatt international 2 birthdays ago)
-more variety in mini bar esp. thats non-alchoholic. bcoz ate squat on the plane, nearly cleaned out the mini bar
-the bed is sooooooooo deluciously comfy i could take it home with me
-just ordered seasoned wedges and tomato bocconcini pizza. very generous portions! made me think how stingy hyatt was
-love their bathcare range especially their shampoo (asira body care-green tea&cypress). very sexy
-more lighting options. i like to know where everything is at the same time be able to sleep
-free wifi in all rooms

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~ by nursheikha on October 7, 2010.

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