7 day divorcee

am waiting at the piccadilly to watch eat,pray,love…

i feel so lonely…really miss sharing my day with someone…to share how my day was…to bounce off ideas…watch the news,eat dinner with them,trying to get baz to eat…maybe not with ayman but just with someone else…

today i dobbed in my manager to her boss coz she was being unapproachable…not the only one giving the bigger boss the feedback…

when i come will be welcomed by baz but it would just be an hour or 2 of playtime before he heads off to bed and thats if he wants to hang around with u coz he’s following everyone else…

house got unexpectedly robbed? when my sister afizah came home couldnt spot her electronics…that afternoon mum was taken by why the back sliding door was open when its normally closed…lucky they didnt take baz…

ive put most of my energies intp getting rid of ayman, never properly thought of what id do to fill in this void when he gone…

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~ by nursheikha on October 13, 2010.

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