crazy week

Headache Night

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friday:mum goes off at little sis shila for trying to sneak out wearing mini-shorts.gets a khutbah from mum about keeping her honour,maintaining our good family name,sins parents carry for the not-so-good things she does behind mum’s back,etc etc etc

saturday:shila no show.most probably clubbing staying over at friend’s place.

sunday:shila comes home.parents at farewell hajj function to send off all those going to hajj this year which includes my dad.see her packing 2 big suitcases.asks her where she’s going.confirms moving out coz need some space and drops mum off before maghrib whilst he goes pray at the masjid.when told her shila was home and that she was moving out, mum goes off.furious coz shila was her favourite and now she’s rebelling and going against her wishes.first time ever heard mum hitting,even bashing shila,starts throwing her stuff out,threatening to kill shila if she ever step foot in the house for hurting her,cursing her,wishing my sis was dead.goes on for hours.i try to cool down,even got my brother sofi to drive all the way from the other side of the city to do so as so bad that shila even called the police on mum.luckily they never came…i fell asleep whilst trying to put baz to sleep so had no idea what happened after…until i woke up in the middle of the night to have a pee…just as i was to hit the sack mum screams my name and tells me to help her to stop shila from going.shila says she’s only planning to stay with her then-bf’s sister’s place and she was ready to take on the world.i told mum and her before anything happens that its best if her and her then-bf get married.mum hated the idea coz hated the bf’s told her if you don’t let shila go now,she’ll run away finally got up and managed to give shila a lecture but first blamed me for not taking care of like-i was the one trying to see where she was when she never came home and he never gave a told him,-you’re the man,the father,the head of this home!and walked off.this is what you get when u try to auction ur daughter off to anyone just to get rid of ur responsibility!both managed to keep shila inside and the 2 seatcases but just as i thought it was all over,i hear the garage door,mum chasing from behind,car door slammed,speds off,mum screaming and cursing in the midst of it,then i hear her call my name to come and join her to brick shila’s bf’s sister’s car coz there was no way out but to drive past our house again to get out of mirrabooka…2 hours later (3am) mum decides to come inside and i had work today

monday:as i was coming home mum tells me to invite ayman as mum had organised the nikkah for shila and her then-bf hamid…i was like -wtf!!!when i came home,mum wasn’t home.when she did home,said will be preparing food for tomorrow.had tried to do the bed for pics sakes.ibu offered to make half of the food.

tuesday:just wore a maxi dress coz it was hot and didn’t have time to change.when came home,house was rearranged,food to the masjid at 5:40pm.nikkah done by maulana yusuf.5 minute affair.lucky mum had organised something coz the groom’s side did nothing-was expecting that.the dinner was really awkward and quiet.the only sound were the kids going crazy.have no idea what the dowry was but mum put the hantaran as $8000.

wednesday:spent most of the day recovering at work,at night cleaning up.

thursday:dad got his hajj visa and decides to fly off with uncle zain-hajj group organiser.only found during even if i came home to see dad,he was already on his way to the airport.ibu calls later and asks me and mum to call my uncle rusli before he touches down coz he forgot to tell anyone in malaysia and singapore he was coming.even forgot to put locks on his bags.big doh!!!so had spent hours tracking people down, just organising them dad’s stay before he flies off to jeddah with the rest of the group on sunday.what a sendoff!hope he’ll be alright in mecca

friday:trying to settle down to normality again.had dinner at ennex 100.reminded of the loneliness

saturday:busted wrist.trying to sleep.watching guns and roses on rage.never liked them but coz nothing else on

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  1. Salaam! Looks like a lot has happened in your life since we parted ways from each other. I hope its some consolation to you when I say that I am very very sorry to know all the trouble and struggle you have gone through. And also sorry to hear about the divorce. I hope you respond back to me which would make me happy as it has been a very long time.

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