little bodyguard

mom’s busted wrist

Originally uploaded by 1SHTAR

trying to type on one hand…

was trying to stop baz from falling backwards from the sofa adjacent to me…think twisted my wrist, even heard a pop because i have been in so much agony ever since…

tried an ice pack, that did squat. even the malay mixed heated oil didn’t do much either…

when ayman came over to see baz saw how restricted i was so thought could un-pop it.baz was on his lap at the time.i think it was the first time he’s seen his mother in so much agony,to him it looked like his dad hurting his mum again so much that he started crying and begged ayman to stop before punishing him with his alphabet blocks. we were both shocked and amazed to see baz show so much empathy and initiative and he’s only a year and 7 months! alhamdulillah.


~ by nursheikha on October 24, 2010.

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