updates from the newly divorced

last weekend ex-hubby couldnt keep his hands off despite reminding him that we are divorced when visiting our son…just surprising how he cant resist me when he use to detest me…felt nothing anyways…decided to not hold out for sam since still too fragile to be in another relationship and he wasnt ready to commit nor willing to come over.found asia to be cheaper despite me being closer and in need of some moral support…unreliable…the 2nd rejection resulted me to have a mini breakdown at work…had to see counsellor coz was so out of it and was affecting my work…felt i was not good enough for anyone,even my son…there were times when didnt wanted to be a mother no more…that i wanted to cry but coz the pain was too much i couldnt…tried to go out for drinks after work like other people from work would to relax,start having fun but was bored lounging around other people stoned and high with liquids,prefer dinner better…just trying to find my solitude,hard…

Posted by ShoZu


~ by nursheikha on November 24, 2010.

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