embarrassed,first time furious with mates at work

had heart to heart talk with annie-my bangla work mate coz she noticed how quiet i was.told her felt like everyone was brushing me off and it was making me more depressed.sam was too busy to talk.centrelink still thinks im partnered and still with ayman-so insulting coz someone was too lazy to update my details so will see how much they will try to make me pay back.am already screwed as it is,broke.bills left right and centre.ayman was still mr octopussy with his hands.there is this kiwi guy at work who’s just simply nice to look at (tall,works out,yummy),approachable so much that you cant help sighing with delight.but really its just a distraction from all the shit thats really going on.he offered lunch for free and so i gave him so sweets to be even.i told this to leila who then relayed it to annie.she then blurted out loudly about it that the whole floor could hear.i wanted to hide coz not only did i not want him to know but i also didnt wanted to be who everyone always made fun of

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~ by nursheikha on December 2, 2010.

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