meds for depression

saw the doc from the new medical practice that just opened up beside the masjid-no neverending queues or fees…apart from getting my gastro infection,eczema on left foot sorted i did mention i’d like to be referred to a counsellor on a more regular basis to help me cope with my anxieties and he along with the referral he did say he’d like to put me on anti-depressants.

not too keen on taking more meds coz its hard enough to keep myself on track with my bloodthinning ones as it is but knowing that there were some people in the counselling group that were on it that said it did help them function,i thought ok why not,but only in small doses.but when the doc needed my sig for the referral,i did take a long pause before i signed coz i was like-what the hell am i signing up for,but i know i am in need of help…especially when all i feel like doing is staying in bed all day,cry myself to sleep whilst mum looks after baz…not needing to eat…feeling worthless coz no one ever accepts me

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~ by nursheikha on December 2, 2010.

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