off from work today coz im depressed literally

seems like groundhog day every day…sleepless night,waking up numerous times during the the time my alarm goes off at 6:45am,will feel like just for only an hour…and then its trying to do a number 2 so dont have to do it at work coz i never feel thoroughly clean even if its with rolls of toilet paper and litres of water,3 minute shower.the smell of the lux bodywash gives me a quick buzz to know that i at least smell good.then comes deciding what to wear thats non-uniform coz the work one looks like i work at a food court/takeaway instead of a leading bank despite it hiding all my fat rolls.15 minutes later would be ready.pop my blood-thinning pills,baz at this time would have his nappy changed,be gulping down milk whilst we both wait for the taxi and it would be either a wait game of whether or not i let fate decide if i work today and if i do,will all be about how to dodge peak hour traffic and get to work on time or else i’ll be logged in late.if i am,it sucks

Posted by ShoZu


~ by nursheikha on December 2, 2010.

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