one on one psych sessions

flickr oh flickr…when can i add u here…

so i tried group therapy…but after i went 2 steps back and did something i shouldnt have done,i’ve not returned since…was difficult voicing my opinions,seemed like everyone was going through different types of grieving and at different stages and just assumed theirs was the worse…

so after not being buggered working a week ago,was referred to another specialist-this time a young sri lankan broke…

few things to do’s:

*stop sharing with anyone at work,leave it till saturdays with therapist.instead sabotaging it,work can be a real advantage

*to help me sleep-be mindful exercise of 5 things

*this depression has been going on for a long time.major cause:parents

*learn to outline boundaries instead of letting things flow into other

*ask yourself-does whatever is bothering you really add value to work?help the situation?

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~ by nursheikha on December 13, 2010.

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