stupid parrot

thats what one of my colleagues would describe what we sound like to our customers every day…sigh!

even more depressing to see people who were ur mates on facebook unfriend u or disappear…but it doesnt beat queensland go under water on the other side of the country whilst we roast here…was 37C today! the only time i dont mind staying at work for longer coz home is like an oven…

i have a dilemma…i cant stand my manager…she’s already putting me on a coaching plan to up my scores…so i do have more things to work on but the more i stay under her reins,despite her finally coming round to support me professionally she still doesnt so much emotionally…

it felt good typing up my anonymous feedback coz i think i was upfront-her aggressive approach,still need to work on neing approachable…but i just feel like i need to change teams or i’ll be resigning coz i just feel i cant deliver to what they expect of me…

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~ by nursheikha on January 12, 2011.

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