what if they killed his double?

OSAMA bin Laden

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how could a man who’s been playing hide and seek for 10 years and dodgeing the biggest, most elite, armed powerful armies in the world, challenging theeir best minds, intelligence not have a body double, or several??? after all, the americans have gotten it wrong a few times before in history…

and even if he dies, mehhhh so what! will not celebrate it…especially when he’s made everyone’s life and faith -particularly when wearing a hijab so bloody difficult, but then again maybe it was Allah’s way to define who are the real true believers from the imposters, even when they call themselves hardcore muslims like osama…

but chucking a dead body into the sea doesn’t mean its islamic all because its wrapped up in a piece of white clothe…he needs to be buried!!! but i can understand why the americans did this…but killing the godfather of al qaeda doesn’t get rid of the the franchise…

i still dont get the mentality of groups of people needing to hurt people and freaking using islam as an excuse
(just watched a story of the after effects of pst-osama on dateline)…how does killing someone make you the best dynamic compassionate human in the world? -when that’s the ultimate challenge


…yes, you have a right to defend and liberate oneself but they missed the first part of any conflict -talks! negotiations…

and then you get the anti-muslim groups! scary…

when i saw osama’s body being chucked in the sea it made me think just how my end, my last breathe would be coz i know i would not like it to be as humiliating and degrading like this, though i know who really hated this guy would have loved the chance to have his body chopped up and fed to the pigs…

~ by nursheikha on May 9, 2011.

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