AMERICAN SAILORS IN TOWN AGAIN,21598,25722174-2761,00.html

5000 of them sailors are in town again and will be r&r-ing for the next 5 days…meaning there’ll be aussi-can hybrids babies popping out in the next 9 months, in the meantime would expect the city be turned into another unclaimed american skanktown, particularly the brothels, pubs, duty-free shops, nightclubs…with 5 girls hanging off of each of their arms, even the fugliest ones! even in broad daylight or them hanging out in any corner they can squeeze to pick up…

when i was working in the cafe once upon a time in the city, was surprised to find a few muslim ones dropping by for a feed, and they were heading to fight the taliban and saddam…would not like to be in their position…too much blood on their hands…

and i did happen to befriend a korean one…albert..i was on my way home from uni on the train years ago…and he happened to had gotten off on the wrong stop and was on his way to burswood to join up with the rest of his mates and gamble his whole life savings away presumably…this was right after the iraqi invasion and september 11 was still fresh in people -especially the military’s minds…had come across quite a few rude, boofhead sailors a few days before…was so surprised how down-to-earth, gentleman-like, normal this guy was…as compared to his idiotic compariots…


~ by nursheikha on July 3, 2009.

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