this story made my day:khadijah williams on oprah

khadijah williams

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i’m suppose to study but have been postponing it due to being burdened by being the taxing the-next-in-line-after-mum in looking after the house affairs and peoples whilst she’s away…and after watching this segment on oprah, kinda made me feel bad that i haven’t gone ’round to it instead i should be as strong and persevering as khadijah…not caveing in to such manageable pressures especially when you compare it to what she had been through…(who was homeless but is now in harvard -imagine that!)

its made me re-evaluate, more so re-ignite my dreams

what blew me away completely was her response to her uni application:

Other than through classes in school, in what areas (nonacademic or academic) have you acquired knowledge or skills? How?

…”I have not prepared for college or life in the traditional manner. For almost all of my life, I have never had a place to call home. I have questioned why I have to struggle so hard to succeed while others do not have to question whether they will go to college. However, there is one thing I have never questioned: my education. My life and circumstances have given me life skills, that in turn, have helped make me into the driven and passionate student I am today.

I have lived in many types of shelters and motels throughout my life, and as a result, I have learned to be flexible, independent, resourceful, and driven in achieving my goals. Whenever I am hungry, I know where to find food. Whenever I am depressed and stressed, I know exactly where to go to calm down. I tune out the prostitutes who try to sway me towards their way of thinking and ignore the drug addict’s plea to try just one drug. I have learned how to tune out the patronizing pimp that snorts, “You ain’t college bound. You live in Skid Row!” I have learned not to show fear when I am walking home late at night, and I have learned how to remain alive with almost no money. By moving around and experiencing so much, I have learned to adapt to many different situations, go after and accomplish my goals, and most importantly, thrive. ”

check the link for more of her answer…

there was no way i could have written something like that for my uni applications…

here are my DREAMS alone anyways:

*complete my accounting diploma which i’m currently studying again
*go back to uni and complete my arts degree (politics and history). eventually get my doctorate/specialise in this. head research department/organisation in this and influence the world
*capture and travel all around the world (with my camera)
*better/deepen my relationship with Allah and have all aspects in my life insync with Him
*buy my own house
*be the best person/mum in the world
*be on top of my game in life and enjoy every moment of it, not be saddened too much with how it unravels itself

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3 Responses to “this story made my day:khadijah williams on oprah”

  1. Salam sis,

    Your dreams are beautiful ones.
    I liked reading this post and some of the other things that you have written. What is better than being true to yourself…she’s a brave girl. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sis…I was reading the white Ribbon post…I would like to speak to you about violence against women and issues relating to violence. Could you visit

    I try no to do this (adding links in comment section), but I think that you could be a great contributor.

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